HAQAST is a collaborative team  that works in partnership with public health and air quality agencies across the globe to use NASA data and tools for the public benefit. We are of 15 primary investigators and scores of co-investigators from across the US headquartered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here you can learn about our team, publications, and newsworthy achievements. You can also find short tutorials for NASA’s open-access satellite tools.

Say hello to the new HAQAST!

We just launched the newest HAQAST team, which will conclude in 2025. Our newest members have been announced, so stay tuned for new research being conducted, another cycle of Tiger Teams, and so much more.

Recent News

From media appearances to cutting-edge research, catch the newest developments in HAQAST’s work.

NASA image by Norman Kuring

Next Meeting

Join us for HAQAST Wisconsin--the next hybrid meeting of the year.