HAQAST Ambassadors

HAQAST Ambassadors represent the broad range of interests of our stakeholders. Ambassadors are provided a venue for feedback, discussion, and regular communication for deeper, more sustained involvement with HAQAST activities. Members are liaisons between NASA and the user community, who engage in activities to promote the use of NASA Earth observations, and share stakeholder needs and questions with HAQAST applied researchers.

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Ambassadors will help connect stakeholders with NASA data and tools. Ambassadors will discuss upcoming HAQAST opportunities, obtain a deeper understanding of new developments, propose additions to meeting agendas, and influence future directions of HAQAST. This is an opportunity to regularly share information two to three times a year and increase the effectiveness of collaborations.

Opportunities for Ambassadors

By being a HAQAST Ambassador, stakeholders can be formally recognized as engaged “super-users” who have devoted time and effort to employing satellite data for health and air quality societal benefit. Ambassadors will also be given opportunities to speak at HAQAST meetings, input to and review of Tiger Team topics and plans, and have their work and contributions highlighted on our website, in our newsletters, and on social media.

Joining the HAQAST Ambassadors

We welcome all interested stakeholders to apply and get involved. We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis, prioritizing stakeholders from non-academic institutions and those representing a range of applications. We ask you commit for one year, with an option to renew. We hope to continue growing this community throughout the HAQAST grant cycle (through 2025).

To become an ambassador, we ask that stakeholders participate in three components:

  • Articulate the value of NASA data (which can be included in the application statement and which we would share on our public website).
  • Lead initiatives with peers or their organizations to share information on NASA data (this includes giving talks at association meetings, providing features on organization websites or in newsletters, etc.).
  • Provide annual updates on activities and initiatives. Ambassadors are also invited to participate in HAQAST meetings.


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