AQAST Spotlights

N​​ASA’s Applied Sciences Program created the NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (AQAST) in 2011 to serve the needs of air quality managers in the United States. A collaboration of some of the top minds in air quality research, the purpose of AQAST is to use satellite data, models and suborbital platforms to better inform the study and management of air quality. This page provides access to articles that provide an inside look at the collaboration between AQAST members and air quality managers across the U.S.

Holloway_Engaging Stakeholders to Advance Earth Science (December 2015)

AQAST Members Use Satellite Data to Tease Out Ozone Patterns in Wisconsin (November 2015)

Arlene Fiore & the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (March 2015)

Pius Lee & the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (March 2015)

Daniel Jacob & the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (March 2015)

Gabrielle Pfister & the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (March 2015)

Daniel Cohan & the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (November 2014)

Russell Dickerson & the Maryland Department of the Environment (November 2014)