HAQAST Wisconsin

As we transition to the second year of research, the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team continues to develop connections between public stakeholders across the United States. Each of the 14 PIs have contributed to unique Tiger Teams and are beginning to yield the fruitful results of strong collaboration.

In this public HAQAST meeting, we will introduce new discoveries throughout the past two years that have resulted from two-way dialogue between scientists and stakeholders, as well as continue progressing towards our future goals.

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Meeting Information

Our meeting will take place October 20-21, 2022, at the Pyle Center in Madison, Wisconsin, where our local HAQAST member and HAQAST Team Lead, Tracey Holloway of University of Wisconsin – Madison, welcomes us. This meeting will bring HAQAST PIs, researchers, and stakeholders, and members of the public into close discussion.

This meeting will be available in a hybrid format. Some sessions will be primarily in-person, but all participants, both in-person and online attendees will be able to access the sessions. Registrants can choose to attend the meeting in Wisconsin or online using Zoom. Use this link to register here.

Pyle Center (via UW-Madison)

Travel Funding

If you are interested in being considered for travel funds from NASA to attend the meeting in-person, please sign up on this short application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Travel Funding Application