University of Wisconsin–Madison

HAQAST5 Meeting – January 3-4, 2019


HAQAST will be holding its fifth biannual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on January 3 – 4 2019—immediately preceding the annual American Meteorological Society meeting.

  • HAQAST5 will be free and open to the public, and HAQAST meetings have become known as a venue for public stakeholders from the public health and air quality communities to interact with research scientists.
  • Come to Phoenix for HAQAST, and stay for AMS!

Meeting Information

This workshop aims to bring HAQAST PIs and stakeholders/members of the public into close discussion.

We will be meeting at 111. E. Taylor Street in downtown Phoenix

More information will be posted soon. Please check back!


Click here to register for HAQAST5. You may register to attend the meeting, propose an oral presentation, or propose a poster.

Travel Support

NASA has very generously provided limited funds to help defray the costs of travel and attendance. Anyone can apply, though we will prioritize funding stakeholders from public health and air quality organizations who are attending for the first time. We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis, beginning 10/30. Please fill out the (brief) application here:

Remote Connection Information

We will be livestreaming the conference. Check here, the day of the conference (January 3 – 4) for a live link. 


We have booked a block of 50 rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Phoenix (15 East Monroe Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 | +1-602-343-0006). The hotel is ideally situated–a five-minute walk from our conference center, and directly on the Valley Metro Rail line from PHX.



To reserve your room, please visit


Check back soon for details. 

DRAFT Agenda

Check back frequently for evolving details. 

Day 1 – January 3, 2019


8:30 – 9:00 Pick up nametags and networking outside XXX (optional early morning coffee and food available XXXX)

9:00    5 minutes: Welcome

9:05     15 minutes: John Haynes, Program Manager, Perspectives From NASA HQ

9:20     15 minutes: Tracey Holloway, UW-Madison, HAQAST Team Overview

9:35     10 minute Meeting Overview + Q&A


I. Strategies for Linking NASA Data and User Applications


9:45     15 minutes:

10:00   5 minutes:

10:05   5 minutes:

10:10   5 minutes:

10:15  15 minute Q&A with speakers

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break & Networking


II.  Satellite Data for Health Exposure


11:00   15 minutes:

11:15   5 minutes:

11:20   5 minutes:

11:25   5 minutes:

11:30   15 minute Q&A with speakers


11:45-1:30 Break for Lunch and Informal Discussion (on your own)


III. Regional Haze Planning


1:30     15 minutes:

1:45     5 minutes:

1:50     5 minutes:

1:55     5 minutes:

2:00     15 minutes Q&A with speakers


IV. Global Indicators for Climate and Health


2:15     15 minutes:

2:30     5 minutes:

2:35     5 minutes:

2:40     5 minutes:

2:45     15 minute Q&A with speakers

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break & Networking


V. Impact of California Wildfires


3:30     15 minutes:

3:45     15 minutes:

4:00     10 minute Q&A with speakers


VI. Estimating Background Ozone


4:10     15 minutes:

4:25     5 minutes:

4:30     5 minutes:

4:35     5 minutes:

4:40     5 minutes:

4:45     15 minute Q&A with speakers

5:00 – 7:00 Poster Session, Reception & Networking


Day 2 – January 4th, 2018

VII. Building Capacity for Satellite Data in Air Quality and Health


9:00     15 minutes:

9:15     5 minutes:

9:20     5 minutes:

9:25     5 minutes:

9:30     15 minute Q&A with speakers


VIII. Connecting Satellite Data with Ground Monitors


9:45     15 minutes:

10:00   5 minutes:

10:05   5 minutes:

10:10   5 minutes:

10:15   15 minute Q&A with speakers

10:30  – 11:00 Coffee Break & Networking


IX. Differing Needs of the Health and Air Quality Communities


11:00   15 minutes:

11:15   5 minutes:

11:20   5 minutes:

11:25   5 minutes:

11:30   15 minute Q&A with speakers


11:45-1:00 Break for Lunch and Informal Discussion (on your own)


X. Responding to Disasters


1:00     15 minutes:

1:15     5 minutes:

1:20     5 minutes:

1:25     5 minutes:

1:30     15 minutes Q&A with speakers


XI. Next Phase Opportunities for Air Quality, Health & NASA


1:45     15 minutes:

2:00     5 minutes:

2:05     5 minutes:

2:10     5 minutes:

2:15     15 minute Q&A with speakers


Closing Session


2:30     15 minutes: Tracey Holloway, HAQAST Wrap-up and Look Ahead

2:45     Q&A and Wrap Up

3:00     Public Session Adjourn


[HAQAST Member Meeting Immediately Follows 3:00-5:00]


HAQAST5 Poster Session

(Thursday, January 3, 5:00-7:00)

Poster dimensions are 40 inches x 30 inches, either landscape or portrait.




Q: Will NASA be providing funding for stakeholder travel like they did for HAQAST4?

A: Yes! See above to apply.

Q: What is the latest I can wait to book my hotel?

A: If you are planning on coming to HAQAST5, you should book as soon as possible. There is no advantage in waiting, and if you delay too long, you will not be able to take advantage of our discounted room rate.

Q: When will an agenda be available?

A: Since we generate the agenda from the registration list, a final agenda typically isn’t available until a few weeks before the conference. A draft agenda will be available sooner, and if your agency requires an agenda for approving travel, please reach out to Daegan Miller, HAQAST communications coordinator.

Q: Is there an attendance fee?

A: No. HAQAST5 is free to attend.