Links to Health and Air Quality Community

You’ll find below an ever-evolving list of brief descriptions and links to resources in the wider air-quality and public-health community.

  • Health and Air Quality Community Forum: This forum is platform to help grow partnership and collaboration around health and air quality data products, with an emphasis on satellite data.
  • GEO Health Community of Practice: The GEO Health Community of Practice is a global network of governments, organizations, and observers.  It seeks to use environmental observations to improve health decision-making at the international, regional, country, and district levels.
  • NASA Applied Sciences Program: Explore practical uses for NASA’s Earth observations.
  • NASA Health and Air Quality Program: Learn more about how NASA encourages the use of Earth observations to improve public health and air quality.
  • NASA Earth Observations: An outstanding resource to find images of  climate and environmental change as they occur on our home planet. Browse and download imagery of satellite data from NASA’s constellation of Earth Observing System satellites.
  • UMBC Smoke Blog: Near-daily updates of smoke and its effect on air quality in the US.
  • OpenAQ: OpenAQ is the world’s largest open-source, open-access database of real-time and historical ground-level air quality measurements.
  • Real-Time Air Quality Index: Get near-real-time data on the air quality for your city.
  • State of Global Air: A great catch-all for air quality data and the effect that air quality has on health.