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Jason West’s work on future global mortality from changes in air pollution attributable to climate change was published in Nature.




Daniel Tong’s work on intensified dust storm activity and Valley fever infection in the southwestern United States was published in Geophysical Research Letters.



David Abel and Tracey Holloway’s work on the response of power plant emissions to ambient temperature in the eastern United States was published in Environmental Science and Technology.



Susan Anenberg and Daven Henze’s research on the health impacts of excess diesel-related NOx emissions was published in Nature.


Tracey Holloway’s work on ambient temperature and power plant emissions in the eastern US was published in Environmental Science & Technology.



Daven Henze’s work was recently featured in a paper on the associations between preterm birth and maternal exposure to PM.




Mark Zondlo’s work on vehicle emissions as an important urban ammonia source in the U.S. and China, was published in Environmental Science and Technology.




AQAST member Anne M. Thompson’s paper on forecasting surface ozone.



Daven Henze collaborated with researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to publish: “Preterm birth associated with maternal fine particulate matter exposure: A global, regional and national assessment,” Environment International




HAQAST Collaborator, Anne Thompson recently published an article about ozone forecasting using satellite data as one approach in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, “Probabilistic Forecasting of Surface Ozone with a Novel Statistical Approach




An assessment of AQAST’s impact was recently published!  See Milford, Jana B. and Daniel Knight, “Increasing the Use of Earth Science Data and Models in Air Quality Management,” Journal of Air and Waste Management Association




West, Jason, et al. “What We Breathe Impacts Our Health: Improving Understanding of the Link between Air Pollution and Health,” Environmental Science and Technology.


Daven Henze coauthored a paper on the climate and health impacts of cookstoves. Lacey, Forest et al. “Transient climate and ambient health impacts due to national solid fuel cookstove emissions,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.