Dr. Minghui Diao

Email: minghui.diao@sjsu.edu

San Jose State University

Dr. Minghui Diao is an assistant professor at the Department of Meteorology and Climate at San Jose State University. She finished her PhD degree at Princeton University and was an ASP postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Her research includes analyses of aerosol-cloud interactions using remote sensing and in-situ observations.

Minghui’s HAQAST project seeks to develop a product that connects the daily 3-km satellite-derived PM2.5 grids to a dispersion model to represent the fine-scale PM2.5 structure on 100 meter horizontal resolution. To do so, her team will develop three deliverables:

  1. Daily MODIS satellite-derived 3-km PM2.5 grids over California.
  2. A web-based visualization platform to enable analysts to view the satellite-derived Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) and PM2.5 grids with other gridded datasets and model fields.
  3. Fusion of satellite-derived PM2.5 grids and dispersion model simulations, which provides case studies of PM2.5 on community scales, such as around highway intersections in downtown Sacramento and Los Angeles. The dispersion model will also be run to account for important sources of direct PM2.5 emissions at local scale in the case studies of Imperial Valley and California wildfires.

Tiger Teams

Minghui contributes to the following Tiger Teams:

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