Dr. Bryan Duncan

Credentials: Research Physical Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Project Scientist for the NASA Aura Satellite Mission

Professional Profile
Air Quality Observations from Space

Bryan Duncan is a research physical scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Project Scientist for the NASA Aura satellite mission, which has observing air pollution as one of its objectives. In his research, he uses satellite data along with atmospheric chemical models to understand how air pollution levels are changing around the world. He also developed and regularly contributes content to his Air Quality Observations from Space.

HAQAST Project: Integrating NASA Resources into the Standard Operating Procedures of Air Quality Agencies in Low and Moderate Income Countries: A Pilot Study

Bryan’s team will develop a methodology that incorporates a suite of cost-effective and publicly-available products, including satellite data, NASA’s GEOS Composition Forecast (GEOS-CF) global air quality forecasts, potentially low cost sensors, and webtools, to address the AQ needs in a series of 10 pilot cities. These data sources cover the range of spatial and temporal scales necessary for policy decisions at minimal cost and are much less expensive than a traditional surface monitor network.

Project goals/deliverables:

  1. Engage in capacity building by working with city personnel to access and process NASA satellite data and output from NASA’s GEOS-CF system.
  2. Make available tailored local forecasts using machine learning to city partner locations.
  3. Serve as a resource for our city partners, providing expertise and lessons learned from experience working with other world cities.
  4. Solicit feedback from our city partners to improve our initial methodology and suite of tools.

Co-Investigators and Team Members: Kevin R. Cromar (New York University), Ana I. Prados (Battelle), Christoph A. Keller (NASA Goddard), K. Emma Knowland (NASA Goddard), Steven Pawson (NASA Goddard), Sean Wihera (Clarity Movement).