Dr. Arlene Fiore


Columbia University
Faculty Profile

Arlene Fiore is an associate professor in the Department of Earth ad Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. She is interested in using satellite products and models to inform air quality planning and health accountability.

For her HAQAST project, Arlene plans to:

  • conduct a multi-pollutant health impact analysis for at least the past decade over New York State (NYS), as a test bed for a nation-wide approach.
  • attribute background versus U.S. anthropogenic sources of pollution for linkage to health analyses on daily to inter-annual time scales.
  • estimate uncertainties in satellite-based and modeling approaches to source attribution and to exposure mapping at multiple time and space scales.

In addition, she contributes to the following Tiger Teams:

And she leads two Tiger Teams:

HAQAST Presentations

Source Attribution Using Satellite Products and Models to Inform Air Quality Planning and Health Accountability

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HAQAST Tiger Team: Supporting the use of satellite data in State Implementation Plans (SIPs)

Overview and Updates from the “Haze Tiger Team”


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