Barron Henderson

Credentials: Physical Scientist at the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Website: HAQAST Ambassador

I use NASA and NOAA satellite data to routinely evaluate and improve atmospheric models that are used in the regulatory process. Satellite data provides unique data in unmonitored and monitored parts of the world. Over unmonitored regions, satellite products provide the only observational information we have. Over monitored areas, satellite products provide a measure of the total column. At this point, there are very few sondes or surface-based remote column measurements. The satellite products are used to test our models, to quantitatively constrain our models, and to provide estimates for unmonitored areas. A key part of using the satellite products is understanding their strengths and recognizing the current limitations. The satellite’s unique perspective on the atmosphere is particularly important for understanding processes outside urban areas (horizontally and vertically) that affect the air we breath.