Dr. Jeremy Hess


University of Washington
Faculty Profile

Jeremy Hess, of the University of Washington, is an associate professor in Emergency Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, and Global Health. He is interested in developing a comprehensive description of associations between climate, weather, and pollen phenology.

The goals of his HAQAST project are to advance understanding of the climatic and weather factors that affect the spatial and temporal characteristics of aeroallergens; to forecast pollen conditions a season in advance; to project pollen conditions 10-40 years in the future; and to generate applications from this research to facilitate public health activities related to aeroallergens and climate change adaptation.

In addition, he contributes to the following Tiger Teams:

HAQAST Presentations

Climate, Weather, Pollen, and Health

Weather, Climate, Pollen, & Health: Stakeholder Perspectives and Preliminary Results

Weather, Climate, Pollen, & Health: An Update

Opportunities and Barriers to Linking Satellites with Weather, Pollen, and Health


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