Tabassum Z Insaf

Credentials: Research Scientist 4 at the New York State Department of Health

Website: HAQAST Ambassador

NASA Satellite data provides us spatially contiguous estimates of ambient exposures that affect health such as air quality, climate effects, and harmful algal blooms. We have used NLDAS and NASA MODIS data to develop metrics of extreme heat in New York. These data were also used to inform epidemiologic research that estimated excess risk temperatures for health outcomes specific to our region. This provided the evidence that formed the basis of a heat advisory change in the region by the National Weather Service. We have developed data dissemination tools such as story maps, county profile reports, informatics, and dashboards using these data to highlight local and region-specific climate metrics across the state and to inform efforts at climate mitigation and adaptation. We are currently part of a HAQAST project that will use air quality ensemble products developed using satellite data to look at health effects of combined effects of air quality and extreme heat in the context of climate policy initiatives in the state. Our team is also involved in using NASA/ EPA’s CyAN data to assess utility of satellite data in harmful algal bloom monitoring in the state.