Byeong-Uk Kim

Credentials: Program Manager 1 at the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Website: HAQAST Ambassador

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD), uses satellite data and tools to perform technical analysis projects to improve ozone and PM2.5 air quality in the state. Specifically, GA EPD currently utilizes various satellite products for the following objectives: (1) To identify/confirm major emission sources with the TROPOMI NO2 dataset; (2) To locate large fire locations with MODIS and VIIRS fires and thermal anomalies; (3) To analyze long-term air quality/emission trends with TROPOMI NO2, OMI NO2, and OMI SO2 datasets; and, (4) To track how smoke plumes travel during a high PM2.5 pollution day with GOES 16 true color images. GA EPD uses websites such as NASA’s Giovanni ( and EPA’s RSIG ( to retrieve processed data as well as develops customized tools with Python to process data as needed.