Dr. Susan O'Neill

Email: smoneill@fs.fed.us

USDA Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Research Station
Forest Service Profile

Susan O’Neill, who is based in Washington State, is a research air quality engineer for the US Forest Service. O’Neill brings to HAQAST an  interest in smoke and fire research for air quality and public health.

Susan’s HAQAST project aims to facilitate the adoption and use of earth observations directly into the decisions, communications and response of wildfire Incident Command Teams and local public health agencies during wildfire smoke events. We will pursue three primary tasks:

  1. Mine, analyze, synthesize, and deliver earth observations in tailored formats to Air Resource Advisors and public health agencies.
  2. Enhance the use of earth observations for smoke model evaluation and validation.
  3. Enhance the use of earth observations within the smoke prediction modeling chain.

Tiger Teams

Susan contributes to or leads the following Tiger Teams:

HAQAST Presentations



Wildfire and prescribed burning impacts on air quality in the U.S. A Critical Review.

Daniel A. Jaffe, Susan M. O’Neill, Narasimhan K. Larkin, Amara L. Holder, David L. Peterson, Jessica E. Halofsky, Ana G. Rappold, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association



Statistical Downscaling with Spatial Misalignment: Application to Wildland Fire PM2.5 Concentration Forecasting

Suman Majumder, Yawen Guan, Brian J. Reich, Susan O’Neill, Ana G. Rappold, Annals of Applied Statistics


Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials. Appendix C, Seeing Smoke from Space.

Susan O’NeillUnited States Environmental Protection Agency


Machine Learning-Based Integration of High-Resolution Wildfire Smoke Simulations and Observations for Regional Health Impact Assessment

Yufei Zou, Susan M. O’Neill, Narasimhan K. Larkin, Ernesto C. Alvarado, Robert Solomon, Clifford Mass , Yang Liu, M. Talat Odman, and Huizhong Shen



Smoke plumes: Emissions and effects

Susan O’Neill, Shawn Urbanski, Scott Goodrick, Sim Larkin, Fire Management Today



California Smoke Information

Susan O’Neill


Air-Quality Impacts and Intake Fraction of PM2.5 during the 2013 Rim Megafire

Kathleen M. NavarroRicardo CisnerosSusan M. O’NeillDon SchweizerNarasimhan K. Larkin, John R. Balmes, Environmental Science and Technology


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