Dr. Jeffrey Pierce

Credentials: Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

Aerosol and Cloud Research Group

Jeff Pierce has extensive experience in combining in situ and satellite observation with modelling to understand the processes that shape particulate matter concentrations and properties in the atmosphere. His team routinely applies these skills to health and climate applications. Team member Emily Fischer brings similar expertise in atmospheric gas-phase composition, while team member Sheryl Magzamen is an expert in environmental health and epidemiology, and team member Bonne Ford is an expert on a wide range of NASA satellite products.

HAQAST Project: Fused Earth Observations of Multiple Air Pollutants for Health Research and Decision Making

Jeff’s team will be working on fusing a diverse set of Earth Observations to create a gridded, daily, long-term (2006 – present) multi-pollutant dataset. They will especially focus their efforts on non-criteria pollutants, large-scale pollution events such as wildfires, and simultaneous exposure to mixtures of various pollutants.

Project goals/deliverables:

  • Creation of estimates for daily surface pollutant concentrations on a unified grid (15×15 km, or finer) from 2006 onward for a variety of species, including:
    • All-source PM2.5
    • smoke-specific PM2.5
    • non-smoke PM2.5
    • O3
    • coarse PM/dust
    • NH3
    • NO2

Co-Investigators/ Team Members: Emily Fischer (CSU), Sheryl Magzamen (CSU), Bonne Ford (CSU).