Dr. Amber Soja

Credentials: Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Aerospace


Soja headshot

HAQAST Project: Quantifying Pollution from Prescribed and Smaller Fires: The massive conundrum in our National Emission Inventory

Amber’s team will work to use multiple satellites and field-based information to inform and advance our National Emissions Inventory (NEI) and the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model. Specifically, the team will demonstrate the use of multifaceted platforms of data and information to define fire locations, land cover, and burned area for emissions in the Central and South-Eastern US, which were previously unattainable

Project goals/deliverables:

  • Build a Central and South-Eastern US inventory, including wildland fire, with a focus on the inclusion of ‘missing’ fire.
  • Use this inventory to quantify the ability of our current satellite constellation, individually and in combination.
  • Define and demonstrate the enhanced data in the NEI and CMAQ with the EPA.

Co-Investigators/Team Members: Emily Gargulinski (National Institute of Aerospace), Kirk Baker (EPA), George Pouliot (EPA), Jeffrey Vukovich (EPA), David Williams (EPA), Colleen Reid (University of Colorado), Talat Odman (Georgia Institute of Technology), Sean Raffuse (University of California, Davis), Jessica McCarty (Miami University), Sim Larkin (USFS), Susan O’Neill (USFS), J. Kevin Hiers (Tall Timbers Research Station)