Daniel Tong is a research professor at Center for Spatial Science and Systems, a research unit affiliated with the College of Science at George Mason University. He is interested in improvements to the National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC).

The goal of Daniel’s HAQAST project is to use satellite observations to improve emission estimates and air quality forecasting/reanalysis.  Our team aims to substantially enhance the nation’s pollution forecasting capability through:

  1. Developing emission data assimilation capability for timely and reliable updates of emission inventories using satellite observations.
  2. Extending this capability and the AQAST chemical reanalysis system to improve air quality reanalysis products and services.
  3. Improving ozone and PM2.5 forecasts to support decision makers locally and globally to mitigate health effects of air pollution.

In addition, he contributes to the following Tiger Teams:

And he co-leads the Tiger Team Improved National Emissions Inventory NOx Emissions Using OMI Tropospheric NO2 Retrievals and Potential Impacts on Air Quality Strategy Development along with Brad Pierce.


HAQAST Presentations

Air Quality Forecasting

Challenges in Air Quality Services

Improved National Emissions Inventory NOx emissions using OMI tropospheric NO2 retrievals and potential impacts on air quality strategy development

Emission Data Assimilation for Air Quality Forecasting

Observing and Forecasting Dust Storms



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