Dr. Jason West


University of North Carolina
Faculty Profile

Jason West is an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. West conducts interdisciplinary research addressing air pollution and climate change by using models of atmospheric chemistry and transport and tools for quantitative policy analysis. His work aims to understand the relationships between air pollution and climate change and their relevance for science and policy on local through global scales.

Jason’s core HAQAST project aims to make atmospheric science meaningful for decision-making through two tasks:

  1. First, we will estimate global surface ozone concentrations through a statistical fusion of global surface observations and global multi-model ensembles. The combined global ozone dataset will be provided to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) team for their use in evaluating the global health burden of ambient ozone.
  2. Second, we will model the global air quality and health co-benefits of GHG reductions currently pledged under the 2015 Paris Agreement to address climate change.

In addition, he is contributing to the following Tiger Teams:

And he co-leads the Tiger Team Demonstration of the Efficacy of Environmental Regulations in the Eastern US, along with Bryan Duncan.


HAQAST Presentations

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HAQAST Research at UNC

Year 2 Progress Update, PI West

HAQAST Research at UNC



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